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KYOTA ARCHITECTURE IMPORTER-EXPORTER CORP., started out in Ryukyu Island, Japan. Since 1993, KYOTA had set up in Taiwan with a capitalizaion of 6.25 million dollars.

To gather and collect of talents and large amount of material sources conviniencely, the production manufacturing factory was established in the Philippines. Kyota produces any kind of antiqued materials for European style constructions and buildings. It provides "Theme Builder" services that designs and constructs customers' buildings in unique palatial European styles. Kyota also has many designs of fountains, furnitures, containers, resins and paintings to make customers' place into beautiful grandeurs.

The goal of its products aim to provide competitive prices with design and creativity on top of its edge while producing World Class. KYOTA adheres to be innovative in design and handcrafted in production with strong eco-awareness. KYOTA strictly enforce its quality management to make sure that the quality of every product is in good condition.

All the semi-manufactured goods are entrusted to be made by OEM; fabricated and packed by UTSUTA (UTT) factory in the Philippines. UTSUTA is ISO9001:2000 TUV Certified.

The materials are from Philippines and Malaysia.The products are mainly made of polyresin.KYOTA also has dainty aesthetic curiosities, textile fabrics, metal forging products, construction materials and garden designing products.
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